Gather, Celebrate, Enjoy!

Do you love eating out at ethnic restaurants, visiting other small towns, traveling to other countries, or enjoying unique cuisine? 

If so, you are going to love the AZ Festival of Nations 2 day event, where we are bringing all of that 
to YOU!! Each attendee will be able to enjoy cultural performances and the world's best food 
while in a safe, family friendly, affordable environment. 

 Creating community around Food, Art, and Music

Our vision for the AZ Festival of Nations is to gather together amazing vendors, artisans, and musicians all in one place to celebrate the diversity of the Phoenix Metro Area, and enjoy good food, music and art. 

The AZ Festival of Nations is a
free, public event located in Arrowhead Towne Center, that will support unique food, and international artisan vendors from all over the world, and give them a platform to offer 
their delicious and one-of-a-kind creations

One of the main goals of the AZ Festival of Nations is to support smaller businesses, minorities, and under-served communities, all while giving a platform for all nations, performers, and small businesses an opportunity to thrive, right here at this event. 

Celebrating Diversity

Our vision for the AZ Festival of Nations is to celebrate the diversity of the Phoenix Metro Area through food, music and art

This two day, multicultural event will welcome small businesses that will sell food, art, and handmade items that represent different countries from around the world. Since the valley of the sun has become home to people of many nationalities, diverse cultures, and backgrounds, this event will provide an opportunity for our community to learn, recognize, and celebrate the uniqueness of various nations, while supporting local small businesses.

As the first of its kind to host so much diversity in one platform, the AZ Festival of Nations recognizes the immense struggles that other countries, immigrants, and different communities go through every day! 

The main goals this festival would like to provide its attendees are to have fun, feel recognized, and supported. 

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